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TempShield services all major brands of air conditioners, gas heaters, gas boilers, propane heaters, propane boilers, oil heaters, oil boilers, and heat pumps. We have 20+ years of experience!


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TempShield is your trusted Vineland HVAC Contractor

Serving Vineland, Southern Jersey, and Surrounding Areas for furnace repair, furnace replacement, ac repair, ac replacement, new hvac systems, furnace maintenance, and ac maintenance & tune ups.

It’s frustrating when your furnace or central ac stops working properly. These units are expensive and take a lot of time to install. They should always be available to you for comfort and peace of mind.

Even the most modern and expensive units can still fail from time to time. You need a team of experts to help you with any problems your HVAC system might encounter.

This is where we step in. We have been serving local homeowners for years, from Vineland furnace repair and installation to air conditioning maintenance and replacement. Our extensive experience with all Vineland HVAC services makes us the right team for your heating and air conditioning needs.

We will solve your problem quickly and efficiently. We’ve seen almost every problem you could imagine. We are known for being professional, friendly, hardworking, and providing transparent, affordable pricing. If you’re looking for the best HVAC in Vineland, NJ call us today!

Do you need Vineland Furnace Replacement or Heating System Repair? Is it time for a new AC unit? Or maybe your furnace or AC is due for a tune-up. Contact Our Vineland HVAC Pros Today!

If your furnace or air conditioner malfunctions when there is no escaping the hot or cold temperatures, you need someone who can quickly diagnose the source of the problem.  

Our years of experience will allow us to do the job right, no matter how big or small. We work fast to restore your peace of mind and comfort while providing quality work and using quality parts when parts are needed.

Our Vineland HVAC maintenance plans are important to keep your heating and cooling systems working efficiently throughout the year. Annual AC and Furnace Tune-Ups extend the life of your systems and help you avoid costly AC repair or a new Furnace Installation.

We are the top-rated Vineland HVAC company. Our team of reliable HVAC contractors have the knowledge and provides the customer service to walk you through your options and recommend the best solution based on your needs.

Call today for same day, or next day, availability. We’ll arrive promptly and ready to get to work.

Vineland HVAC Services Include:

~ Furnace Repair 
~ Furnace Installs and

~ Furnace Maintenance

~ Air Conditioning Repair
~ Air Conditioning Installs and Replacement

~ Air Conditioning Maintenance


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Unfortunately, your HVAC system won’t last forever. Sometimes, a simple repair will suffice. But eventually your Vineland HVAC system will need to be replaced.

You should replace your system when Vineland HVAC repairs are frequently needed.

What are the signs that you should start looking into upgrading your HVAC system?

Here are Some Signs that Vineland Furnace Repairs are Costing More than a Furnace Replacement Would.

The system is more than 10 years old

For maximum efficiency, the Department of Energy recommends that your HVAC system be replaced after 10 years. You may be able to get a 15-year warranty on some newer units. Ask a TempShield professional about the expected lifespan.

Constant Furnace Repairs

Do you feel like there are always repairs to be done? You may need to replace a failing system if you find yourself constantly paying for repairs that add up.

Vineland Furnace & AC Problems

Is one room in your home too hot while others are too cold? A lack of balance could indicate that your equipment needs to be upgraded. You should make sure you don’t have a problem with your insulation or ducts. These are common causes of improper heating/cooling.

Poor air quality

You should first make sure your filters are clean if you notice excess dust in the home, high humidity or mold odors. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you might want to replace the hvac unit for improved indoor air quality.

AC Uses R-22 Refrigerant

R-22 refrigerant was discontinued as of January 1, 2020. R-22 refrigerant can still be used in ACs, but it will not be possible to repair them with R-22 refrigerant. This could lead to the need for a Vineland hvac replacement unit.

When should I replace my furnace?

It is best to schedule your HVAC replacement in advance if you can so that you don’t get stuck with a malfunctioning system during extreme temperatures. Call a Vineland HVAC Contractor in the Spring or Fall to schedule a replacement. These are the best times since temperatures aren’t usually too hot or too cold and HVAC Contractors in Vineland tend to have more availability.

Summer and winter are the busiest seasons for contractors, so it is possible to experience a delay getting service. These are the most costly months to replace systems because the industry is at its peak. Vineland HVAC Contractors are more likely to be available during mild weather, when businesses slow down, and they are more likely to offer discounts and lower prices.

Vineland HVAC Services

What Does a New Vineland HVAC System Cost?The day that their HVAC system goes down is something no homeowner looks forward to. It’s one of the most troublesome home system replacements. As luck would have it HVAC systems fail more often in extreme hot and cold temperatures. You should consider replacing your HVAC system as soon as it begins to fail.
The average cost of replacing your HVAC system will be between $4,850 to $9,400. It’s worth replacing your HVAC system immediately if it stops working.

This average cost will vary depending on which brand you choose, how big your home is, and what the professional charges are for the installation.

Furnace Repair Furnace Replacement AC Repair AC Replacement

We have all the information you need to make sure you are paying the correct price for the unit that suits your needs. You can search online “Vineland HVAC Near Me” to compare services to help you choose the right HVAC contractor in Vineland, NJ.


Average cost $7,000

Higher Cost $10,000

Lower cost $5,000

Vineland Furnace and AC Units

Sometimes HVAC is followed by an R (HVAC/R, or HVAC-R). The R sign for refrigeration is used in commercial settings. However, it might be appealing if you are a cook, have a large family, or simply want to stockpile frozen goods.

There are 6 types of HVAC Systems

  1. Electric Furnace/AC System – This type of HVAC system may be suitable for homes in areas with warm weather. An electric furnace with an electric cooling system and heating could be a better option than traditional HVAC systems that use oil or gas. This option uses electricity to circulate heated or cooled air through your home. Ductwork is necessary.
  1. Boiler/AC system – The boiler component of this system is what makes it stand out. It is usually located in the basement. After it has warmed the water, the boiler connects to the pipes and radiators in the basement. To complete the heating and cooling of their homes, many homeowners opt for a boiler system. A separate air conditioning system is also installed.
  1. Furnace/Split AC System – This system is a good choice if you have a large residence. It allows you to tailor the system to your needs. The system consists of an outdoor cabinet, which houses a compressor for cooling and heating, and an indoor cabinet which houses an evaporator coil to heat and an air handler for cooling. The copper tube, known as a line set or copper tube, connects the cabinets. It transports cold air to your home.
  1. Heat Pump/Air Handler System -The heat pump is usually installed outside the home. It heats and cools the air using a refrigerant. This heat pump transports hot air outside and vice versa. The home’s air handler circulates warm or cool air through an air blower.
  1. Mini Split Heat Pump -This HVAC system option is becoming more popular over the years because it doesn’t require any ductwork. The indoor component of mini-split heat pumps can be installed within your existing ductwork so that they remain hidden.
  1. Geothermal Heat Pump -These systems heat underground sources, such as water and soil, to warm homes. Underground piping systems collect water, heats it and then pumps it back into the home to maintain the desired temperature.

How to save money on Vineland HVAC Installation

Many homeowners are wondering how they can save money on Vineland HVAC unit replacements, which can be quite expensive. You can save money by searching for rebates from manufacturers. These price incentives can be combined with other offers you might find, or discounts offered by your installer. Search “HVAC Near Me” in Vineland to research companies that offer rebates.

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TempShield provides quality AC Repair, AC Installation & AC Maintenance at affordable rates. Our technicians are licensed and trained for all types of Air Conditioning Units and systems…

Our certified AC Contractors install a variety of AC systems. Whether you need a new Central Air Conditioner, or a high efficiency split system, you want your installation to be quick and easy…

Our trained HVAC Contractors repair and service all major brands. Whether you’re having minor AC issues or in need of AC replacement, you want your system running efficiently…

It’s almost always easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix a problem. That is why we provide the best air conditioning maintenance in the area!

Looking for a reliable Heating Contractor? TempShield provides quality HVAC Repair, Installation & Maintenance service at affordable rates.

Our Heating Specialists install a variety of heating systems. Whether you need a new high-efficiency furnace or you’re replacing an old furnace unit…

Our trained HVAC Contractors repair and service all major brands. Whether you have minor heating concerns or in need of major heating repairs…

It’s almost always easier to prevent a problem than it is to fix a problem. That is why we provide the best furnace maintenance in the area…

We offer innovative repair solutions to extend the life of your furnace. However, repairs that only offer a temporary fix end up costing more…

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What great service! Professionals who communicate impeccably. A new furnace is very expensive and Temp Shield gave us an affordable installation. We will use them for all future HVAC needs.
Emilia Clarke
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Josh and Jared were both professional and honest about what needed to be done and how much it would cost. I ended up purchasing the heater I needed on my own, and Josh was available to answer every question I had in order to make sure we got the right heater. Josh and Jared installed the heater the same day they said they would and cleaned up everything, including taking away the old furnace. I would highly recommend TempShield for any HVAC work you may need!

At TempShield, our trained technicians can diagnose and fix any problem with your residential heating or air conditioning system. A new HVAC system might be an option if repairs are too costly, the equipment is not energy efficient, or the problem is severe. We can help you determine whether replacing or repairing your HVAC system is the right choice. We are available 24 hours a day to help you if you have an emergency. 

We offer a wide variety of indoor heating and cooling equipment Our HVAC experts can help you design a solution that is right for you and provide high-quality installation. Our maintenance plans will keep your equipment running efficiently all year.


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